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My Bio

My Max is:

A 1999 US model.
Motor is 1300cc with ported heads and flatslides and gives about 140 BHP at the rear wheel.
Amongst the mods are:
Holeshot headers mated to custom end cans.
ISR brake and clutch radial master cylinders and sis piston calipers that grab onto 320mm Braking wave discs.
At the front Racetech emulators and springs and at the rear White Power shocks take care of the suspension.
Headlamp is Honda Hornet
Bodywork is from various suppliers and has a Carbon finish by Hydrographics and air brushed logo's by Air Devils
Powder coating is by Triple S
Mucho stainless steel fasteners, many of which have been modified by yours truly
RX2n speedo/ rev counter from V Max Bitz

My Biography.

Max Midnight has spent many years avoiding greatness, hard work and men called Tarquin. He has been mainly successful in his endeavours.
Born in Watford (someone has to be) his parents moved him to a secret location in St Albans where he was raised disguised as a Silver Birch. At the tender age of five he became fed up of dogs urinating against him and decided to return to the human race where he came 201st out of 159.
A brilliant scholar MM studded hard and appears pleased with the two grade F 'A' levels in Maths and physics which goes some way to explaining his technical incompetence.
On leaving the sixth form he applied for two jobs and was offered one. Marconis gain was Fords loss. As a Ford Apprentice he was given excellent technical training which he immediately lost as he left it on a bus going to Ilford.
He met the love of his life, Mrs Midnight whilst still at school and they are still together today. It's a shame her parents didn't give her a normal girls name.
Keen to avoid creditors and men named Tarquin MM has moved several times, having lived in Essex and Berkshire before deciding to put his roots down in Cumbria (once a tree always a tree!). Ah Cumbria! Where men are men and sheep are wary of folk with baggy wellies.
His bikes have ranged from a Roal Enfield Continental (a heap but it looked good); a Bantam B175 (didn't look good or stop but was reliable...when we say reliable it was until Mr M turned his tuning talents on it; Triumph T120R (oil in frame); Yamaha's RD200, XS1100 and V Max.
He has had his V Max (a '99 Carbon) since 2003.
A huge amount of money has been lavished on it (all on safety related items he tells Mrs M) and one day he will eventually complete it.
In 2004 he was afforded an accolade that compares with being awarded a Nobel Prize, an Oscar and even a Blue Peter Badge!
We are of course talking about V Max Chat Man of the Year!
He still mentions it to anyone who is silly enough to make eye contact with him.
He bought an XS650 project bike some years ago (code for 'someone has taken it apart and has forgotten how to put it back together') that will eventually become a street tracker once he has added all of the necessary 'safety' related modifications to his Max. Don't hold your breath!Rolleyes

My Hobbies

My Max (obviously) Making 1/43rd scale F1 models. Photography. Hi Fi & Bird watching.
In2007 I boaught an XS650 in bits to make into a Street Tracker. So that's goodby to a whole load more dosh!

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